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Selling Your Piano?

I buy Steinways, and other fine pianos

I buy Steinways and other fine pianos.

I always try to have the largest selection possible of quality Steinway pianos available for rebuilding.  Each piano will be completely rebuilt so the pinblock, strings, hammers, action, etc. will all be replaced. 

The finish will also be completely redone so dents and color will all be restored.

What is important is the basic structure and vintage of the piano.  As a rebuilding shop I can offer you top prices (more than regular wholesale).

The keyword in all of this is quality.  I am interested in only high-end pianos, otherwise I can put you in touch with a wholesaler in your area.

I deliver rebuilt pianos all over the United States, so pick-up and delivery are not a problem.

Call me before you sell your piano anywhere in North America.

John Koelle: (847) 336-5919

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