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Natural Wood Finishes


Walnut finish on Baby Grand.
Black walnut Mason Hamlin
5' 8" Grand.
This rare carved Grand was shipped to me from New York...
...and here it is after a
complete restoration including replacement of carving and trim.
Rare Mason Hamlin "BB" 7' as it looked when it arrived at the shop.

Note leg tie bracing is missing.

Same piano, (as shown above) now completely restored. 

Note new tie bracing on the leg.

One of my complete rebuilt and refinished Steinway's in a Frank Lloyd Wright home in Hyde Park.
Customer's piano after a rebuild and refinish.
Some of the detail.

The old builders were true craftsmen.

Completely rebuilt and refinished Louis XV in Walnut. Originally built October 8th, 1928.  Restored March, 1999.

Steinway 6'4" Model "A"

  • Complete Restringing
  • 29 Lamination Falconwood Pinblock
  • Refinished Original Soundboard
  • Refinished Plate
  • New Damper Felts
  • Polished Original Ivory Keys
  • New Renner Whippens
  • New Custom Steinway Hammers
  • Complete Action Regulation
  • 12 Coat, 28 Step Hand Rubbed Finish
  • 15 Year Guarantee on all Workmanship

small detail before refinishing
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