Grand Piano Expert John Koelle will show you the different features in
Steinway, Mason Hamlin and other well made grand pianos

A grand piano can be a baby grand, a parlor grand, or a concert grand.

The Grand piano is the basis for much of all classical music as most composers use a grand piano and most musicians are taught at least some basic piano on a grand piano

A grand piano is also a status symbol.  A Steinway Grand Piano is one of the most sought after instruments for both home and concert stage.  What you are viewing below is a rare Steinway Louis the 16th grand piano originally built in 1916 and rebuilt to perfect condition by John Koelle in 2004.

This Steinway grand piano came with a custom made Circassian Walnut cabinet.

John Koelle  (847) 336-5919

1916 Steinway with custom made cabinet.

Rare Louis the 16th.

ircassian Walnut.

Baby Grand Piano 

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