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  Our trucks are compliant with federal transportation regulations and fully stocked with emergency equipment.

Mobile Treatment Centres sit on location, ready for an emergency.

The golden hour after someone is injured or fallen ill is crucial to their survival. MTC's are equipped with most everything you would find in an ambulance. Spine boards, baskets, oxygen, aed, bandages, splints, water, eye wash, keds, certain medications, which are carried per scope of medic.

By the time you call an ambulance until the time it arrives, you can have your casualty on a board, monitored vital signs and ready to go. If that ambulance can't make it down the lease road, then you can transport to the nearest highway. Some provinces/states allow you to transport directly to the hospital.

The responsibility of the medic on location includes gathering information, including taking an accurate head count (in case of disaster) and to ask if anyone has any allergies or other medical conditions, all of which is kept confidential.

Our staff are experienced in the oilfield, personable, knowledgeable, medical experience, trained.
Oilfield Services Company:

Emergency Oilfield services company currently showing half million dollars per year profit wants to take advantage of the unique situation they are in and expand into the Bakken oilfield in the USA.  WE HAVE THE TRAINED NURSES AND MEDICAL STAFF WHO ARE DIFFICULT TO FIND IN THE NORTHERN UNITED STATES.

Our people are accustomed to cold winters and bad weather.  Bakken oilfield is close to home for them. They don't care which side of the border they work. The climate is the same. The owner is willing to stay on, as part owner or contract employee, to hire the qualified Canadian Medical Workers.

The owner, and almost all the staff, of this profitable oilfield services company are female. Great opportunity for another woman entrepreneur to step in, expand the company and make millions of dollars every year.

Oilfield safety is a big issue and the demand for emergency services in the oilfield is rapidly expanding. This small company can be the badly needed labor component for a successful oilfield services operator.
  • Successful Growing Emergency Medical Services Company looking for Operations Manager.
  • Would consider selling half the company (valued at $1,295,000) to same such person.
  • If you think you qualify to be operations manager or would like to buy half the company this is a great opportunity in a growing field.
For more information please contact:
Trish Baylis  

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