The market below is a sample of what we have to offer. You may link here to see our page offering a list of markets, when and where they happen plus contact names.

Government Street Market

Vancouver Island Products,
Crafts, and Services

The Market

Founder: Thea Harris

Sundays from 11:00 AM. until 5:00 PM.

Rental space is by reservation only.

For more information call Thea Harris (250) 598-2593

Come see the following venders...

Allpa Kallpa

Music from the Andes

(Background of photo with Thea above)


Nick Silver

Rings and necklaces


(250) 475-2158

Made at Home by Ava

Jams, jellies etc.



Debra Dickson

Realwood Furnishings



Mr. Tube Steak

Hot dogs etc.



Chan Sisters

Organic home baking


(250) 384-2562

Rustic Wood Works

By Birgit


(250) 386-7437

Mirrors by the Sea

by Mechael Kavanaugh


One of a kind mirrors

(250) 246-2300


T Shirts

Jewellery, BC. Rocks & Bags

(250) 370-9894

Esther Drone

Ornamental clay animals

Specializing in carved porcelain

(250) 478-9597


Home baking


(250) 744-2755

Sarah Elford

Imported clothing and jewellery

"Littlewings treasure chest"

(250) 598-2794

Michel Garner

Handmade paper


(250) 360-1902

Vialdimir & Cordelia

Books and Jewellery

Venetian Binding Method

(250) 380-4780


Fairy wings, crowns, and skirts

Fantasy for children

(250) 386-0745


Faux finishes, mirrors

also West Coast Woolies

(250) 598-1324

Christine Barkey

Wire jewellery

Hats, Drum Bags

(250) 920-9989

Graham Mackenzie

Hand drums


(250) 642-4038

Bee Bahs

Baby hats and accessories


(250) 721-9525

Natures Gifts


German style baking.

Wheat Free:

Spelt, flax and 6 grain bread.

Wheat and Yeast free:

Rye or Kamut Bread

(250) 592-7628


The Glass and Metal Guy


(250) 885-6863

Earthwalker Beads

Travel inspired designs using collected treasures.

Import/export loose beads, bead kits.

Jenifer Thomson


David Bryn-Jones

Women make Great Entrepreneurs

(250) 537-2097

MMAP Ideas and Inventions

David S. Nelson

Also creates Burl Clocks

(250) 380-2592

International Childrens Project

Hair and body products for children.

See our T-Shirt

(250) 389-0067


Design clothing & artwork

ida eriksen

(250) 360-2045

Metal Art

Michael Mintern


(250) 655-1096

Walking Stick Man of Victoria

Hiking sticks hand carved from driftwood.

by Robert Hampton

(250) 381-5671

Spalted Alder Picture Frame

Russ Hannay

Errington, BC.

(250) 248-8134

Abby Stained Glass


(250) 595-3880

Art Gecko Imports

Liz Webber

Tim Murphy

(250) 479-2431

Island Maid (professional domestic engineering)

Organic breads, etc. Maid to order on Pender Island.

Fresh organic and vegan baking maid to order.

(250) 744-9404

KilnArt Glass Studio

Joachim (Jo) Ludwig

Glass Artisan

Peggy J. Brackett

Glass Jeweler

(250) 382-1671

Kees' Woodcrafts


Lantzville BC.

(250) 390-2453


by Blake Mohr

Sunday only at the Market

(250) 479-4431

House of WIN-CHEE

Aboriginal fashion

Designer: Denise Williams

(250) 413-6308

Professional Astrology Readings

by Crystal Arber

Challenges, Relationships and Gifts.

(250) 385-5207


One of a kind creations

David and Karen Nagy

(250) 388-6249

Knotty Boy dread Wax

Strong hold binds new dreads together.

Andrew Power and Adrianna Hepper

(250) 537-0058

Pearl's for Kids

Quality Kid's Clothing

Handmade by Pearl

(250) 370-5064

Chickweed Farm

Locally grown, organic/wild crafted herbs.

bulk herbs, tea blends and tinctures & salves

(250) 475-6630

Frances Bliss Presents

Fine quality crafts and collectables.


(250) 382-5339

Happy Luck Cafe

Wholesome vegan cuisine


(250) 382-5339

Gaea Thanks Design

Silversmithing and textiles

Tie-dyed and printed shorts and long sleeve shirts.

(250) 216-6040

Dogs Day Bakery

A bakery for dogs

Penny Stone & Janis Mullan

(250) 477-4856

It's All Mosaic

Custom crafted home decor

by Debbie Kennell

(250) 592-7095

HP Workshop

Jewellery designs

Harry and Penny Butterfield

(250) 246-2986

Soapstone Carvings

by Keith Moore

Carrier Indian Nation

(250) 247-9674

Art Degraaf

Interesting collectables and art


(250) 746-5863

Forest Boxes

by Deni Forest, Salt Spring Island

Handcarved from recycled wood

(250) 653-9101

Folding Oak

by Cindy and Kevin Gordon

Folding Oak Baskets and Candle Holders.

(250) 475-3179

Scent-Sational Plants

by Mark Hedger & Bill Stringer

Fragrant nursery & floriculture products locally grown.

(250) 656-9169

Terra Verde Glasswork

by Kevin McCarthy

Stained Glass and Dried Flowers.


Sun Rise Clothing

by Alison Gilliland & Erin Bevevino

Hand made clothing.

(250) 598-8008

Screen Printing

by Joanne Thompson & Duane Diebolt.

Satisfaction Guranteed

(250) 361-1525

James Bay Expressions

Artist: Joanne Shaw

Vincent Van Gogh Victoria

(250) 380-4084

David's Stoneware

Painter, Sculptor, Craftsman and Artist.

David Macgregor

(250) 920-7648

Mundo Perdido

Arts, Imports & Oddities

Matt Cleary

Shannal Crafts

Stained Glass, Art and Gifts

Qualicum Beach, BC.

(250) 752-1400

Aling-Aling Imports

Clothing, Jewellery, Handicrafts

Wholesale and Retail

(250) 385-4844

Shut Up Sportswear

Cheeky Sportswear

Custom orders taken

(250) 388-6007

KilnArt Glass Studio

by joachim (Jo) Ludwig

Glass artisan

Peggy J. Brackett

Glass Jeweller

(250) 385-1988

Rainbow Maya

Ethnic Crafts, Gifts and Clothing

Presented by Jamie Sanchez

(250) 381-4438

Teresa's Bagles

Home made baked goods

Fresh bagles, cream cheese & veggie pate

(250) 391-9659

Solly Ramjibith

South African Indian Food

Samoosas, Roti Rolls

(250) 385-9720

West Coaster Tile Art

by Steven Mitchell

Artwork on Tile

(250) 743-9160

Island Chimes

Silverware Wind Chimes

Beaded and Gatherd Driftwood

(250) 653-4749

Coast Salish Art

The whole family are gifted

John Sampson

(250) 652-4635


Didgeridoos & Beach Glass Art

Beeswax candles

(250) 383-2403

Solar Meditaton Bow

by Paul Beckman
Salt Spring Island, BC.


(250) 653-2074

Pacific Image Magnet Co.

by Karin McTaggart

Fridge Magnets of all kinds

(250) 598-6602

Baby Puppets

by Sherry Contreras

So real you expect them to cry

(250) 384-9686

Island Beads

Czech & Hand made Beads

Glass beads and Jewellery

See us Sunday

Funky Monkey Glassworks

by Joe Sipriano

Handblown glass, Sculptures & Pipes

(250) 885-6315

Organic Buckwheat Pillow Products of Canada

Buckwheat Hull Pillows

Victoria BC.

(250) 383-1930

Sockmonkey Productions

by Jenelle

Sock Monkeys and Accessories

(250) 370-5405

Concepts in being

by lisa roe

Magnetic Signs


Dream Pillows

by Jen

Dream Pillows & Sleepytime Bears

(250) 380-0301

Littlewing Treasure Chest

by Sarah

Imported cloths and jewellery from Indonesia and Thiland.

(250) 598-2794


by Kerry Beswick & Aaron Bradley

Errington BC.

(250) 248-8029


Temporary Henna Tattoos

Natural plant dye which lasts on the skin for up to 2 weeks.

(604) 727-2386

Gourmet Delights

Mustard (hot and sweet)

Chutney (fruit and spice relish)

(250) 245-4050

Enjoy the people

Afro Caribbian Andean
music by Raices

The food

and of course, our

Great Atmosphere!

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