Bring Entrepreneurial Skills to
Third World Countries
$100 - $200 - $500 - $1000 - $5,000

Oikocredit is a bank with a purpose of lending money to unbankable people in third world countries.  The key is lend, not give. They lend money to poor people with an entrepreneurial spirit to help them become self sufficient.  Oikocredit needs us to "LEND" them money.  

Oikocredit pays about 2% interest yearly on the money. They lend it out for about 9% and are able to keep things from getting upside down.  They help our kind of people, ENTREPRENEURS so let's give them a hand. Even if we only lend them a few hundred dollars each, it can do great things for our world.  This is a loan.  Most people leave their money on deposit, but to date, anyone wanting to withdraw, has been able to get their money back.

For more information Canadians may
Contact Keith Jamieson at:
4023 Malton Avenue Victoria, BC. V8X 4W1
(250) 385 1538

Visit the Oikocredit website at
Worldwide addresses are available here. 

I believe the way to a happy world is through economic democracy.  Economic democracy is not widely available in the third world and it is to all of our benefit to make this a reality.  Do your due diligence, then do what is right.

Eric Jordan

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