Celebrating 26 Years on the Internet Helping Business Buyers and Business Sellers.

2023 Marks Our 26th Year of helping clients on the PIN.CA website.

The problem in the business for sale industry is that at best over the years the Real Estate Agents, Business Brokers, and M&A people are only selling 30% of the businesses listed for sale. Many of our competitors were charging retainers of thousands of dollars while at most our clients paid a few hundred dollars and had similar to better results from the expensive options.

Proof of the statement above links:
Our track record at speaks volumes - we had a staggering 35% sale rate. That's way ahead of the industry average, which barely touched 20%. Link

The Harvard Law Review reports that typical Mergers and Acquisitions see a failure rate of 70% to 90%. Link

Over these years, we've evolved and adapted to serve our clients better. Here's what we're proud to offer in 2023:
We have developed an option that offers business sale at almost 100% of the estimate in the Business Valuation Report
AND OUR INHOUSE MARKETING METHODOLOGY will help you sell your business almost 100% of the time.

Cost-Effective Services: One of our standout features is our affordability. Total sale costs, which include legal fees, valuation, marketing, and in-house coordination, range from 1% to 8% for businesses valued between $300,000 to Ten Million Dollars.

Explore the listings below, and should you find any outdated information, please let us know.

To learn more about our new format, just give us a call at 1-800-606-0310 or send us an email to
We're excited to have you on board with us on this journey!

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