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History: In 1987 the owner became interested in the business.  He started at the bottom of the power wash food chain and worked his way up to the most elite and profitable clients in the Commercial and Industrial sector.  This was achieved by giving a little extra service and 110% on every job. The company lives on repeat business and referrals.

The business plan is very simple; provide good service and always give 110%.
A significant amount of work has gone into research and development of franchises. There is room for 10 franchise operations in and around the Vancouver Lower Mainland area.
The physical presence and reputation of subject company make the franchise opportunity much more than with some unknown entity.  The seller has all the research available for preview by a person deemed qualified.

Client Base: Current clients are good, reliable companies such as Costco and other big names. The big names make it easier to get more clients.  There is much more work than the owner is able to bid on and a list is kept of work that is turned down.

Dominance in the Marketplace: The seller believes this business has the best reputation and the best clients in the whole lower mainland. For example, a 240 foot flagpole in Surrey was cleaned with the use of a Mega Crane. Nobody else bid on the job. Travel Land RV in Langley has 5 acres of asphalt. Dominion was the only company who had the large equipment and extreme hot water available to do what was necessary in a limited time frame.  Not the only power wash company in the area but estimates seventy percent of the high end work.  Business operates 48 or 49 weeks of the year.  Most other similar companies are only 6 to 7 month operations.  Volume of service could double or triple with the right people in place.

  • Terms of lease - very good long term lease for all equipment and trucks.
  • Landlord is also a client and pays more than the rent for service.
  • 2005 Hino 185 3 Ton Cargo Truck (see equipment below)
    • Diesel
    • 170,000 kms
    • Freshly painted and complete with Graphics
    • Hydraulic tailgate
    • Emergency Lights/grill lights/rear signal stick
    • Flood Lights for night work
    • FFront Light bar for night work
  • 1996 Grumman (Former Canpar Delivery Truck) (see equipment below)
    • 350 Propane Powered
    • Complete with Graphic
    • Emergency Lights/grill lights/rear signal stick
    • Flood Lights for night work
  • 2007 Chrysler 300
    • Complete with Graphics
    • Used for company use/estimates

  • Hino is equipped with:
    • Alarm
    • GPS Tracking Unit
    • Deluxe “Brigade” backup camera
    • 350,000 BTU “STORM” diesel burner (mounted)
    • 350,000 BTU “LANDA” diesel burner (mounted)
    • 4000 PSI 4GPM Easy Kleen all-in-one hot water power washer (portable)
    • 3500 PSI 6.5 GPM – 24 HP electric start gas powered commercial power washer
    • 5000 PSI 5.0 GPM – 24 HP electric start gas powered commercial power washer
    • 4000 PSI 4.0 GPM BE cold water power washer with 13 HP Honda engine and Comet pump
    • 4000 PSI 4.0 GPM BE cold water power washer with 13 HP Honda engine and Comet pump
    • One 3000 watt gernerator
    • One 22’ “Little Giant” A frame aluminum ladder
    • 4 – Reel Craft high pressure hose reels
    • 1200 feet of double braided high pressure hose
    • Custom built aluminum shelving and work bench
    • 1 x Stihl backpack blower
    • 4 turbo nozzles
    • 4 – 36” wands with guns
    • 4 – 8’ extended wands with guns
    • 2 – 24’ extended poles
    • 1 sump pump
    • 2 splitter hoses
    • 300 feet of ¾" water hose
    • 2 – full faced safety masks
    • 1 – Dewalt drill set
    • 4 Rubber Hose inserts
    • 1 x 48” Whisper Wash commercial surface spinner
    • 2 x 36” Whisper Wash commercial surface spinners
    • 3 x 22” BE Commercial surface spinners
    • 1 x 24” BE Commercial surface spinner
    • 1 x Fire Hydrant backflow preventer
    • Spare General Pump
    • Spare Comet Pump
    • Assorted hand tools
    • 2 parts kits with assorted power washing equipment
    • 3 x aluminum underframe storage compartments
    • Custom made rear security gates
  • 2006 Grumman is equipped with:
    • Alarm
    • GPS Tracking Unit
    • Deluxe “Brigade” backup Camera
    • Flood lights for night work
    • Emergency Dome light
    • Rear Signal Stick
    • 2 Cox Reel high pressure hose reels
    • 500 feet of double braided high pressure hose
    • 400,000 BTU propane powered hot water burner (mounted)
    • 2 x 4000 PSI 13 Hp (Honda) cold water commercial power washers
    • 1 x Stihl backpack blower
    • electric winch
    • Assorted hand tools
    • 2 x 36” wands with guns
    • 2 x 48” wands with guns
    • 1 x 24” extended pole
    • 1 x 17’ “Little Giant” A frame ladder
    • 2 x 20’ aluminum ladders
    • 1 x 32’ aluminum ladder
    • 1 x 40’ aluminum ladder
    • 2 x Landa portable hot water burners
    • Custom aluminum shelving
    • Custom rear aluminum security gates
  • Miscellaneous Equipment
    • 600 feet of rubber fire hose
    • 2 x safety harness
    • 4 Truck batteries for night lift work
    • 4 Turbo Tips
    • 1 Landa Diesel Portable burner
    • 1 Karcher All in One Burner
  • Office Desk and Hutch

For more information please contact:
John Gould


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For more information please contact:
John Gould

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