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2016 - Brand new living quarters!

Lac Pelletier Regional Park
Near Swift Current, Saskatchewan



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Brand new living quarters with  kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom added in 2016.
Now you can enjoy all summer at the lake in comfort while you run your mini golf and ice cream store!
Privately owned 18 hole miniature golf course, arcade building, gift shop, and soft ice cream business, situated on leased land. Located within a beautiful and popular park, Lac Pelletier Regional Park, a half hour drive south of Swift Current, Saskatchewan.

You must see this lovely little business in the summer when it is up and running! We open on the long weekend in May and for most of June but really get going for July and August. You will not see a more well treed mini golf course!

It is built around and in between the evergreens, poplars, olive bushes and overgrown lilacs. Trees are growing out of some of the fairways. There are many different birds, their chirping is everywhere, every year we spot new species, and there are always baby bunnies running around and often deer wandering by. More large trees shade and protect the deck and building; when itís too hot or windy at the beach its usually nicer at the mini golf! These are cement fairways with interesting features and a system of ponds.

It was built in 1994 so some carpets are being replaced and more ideas could be added.  The soft serve ice cream machine is included but can be sold separately. Brand new living quarters with  kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom added in 2016.  Now you can enjoy all summer at the lake in comfort while you run your mini golf and ice cream store!

This is a great little family business in a laid back kind of atmosphere, our grandchildren have enjoyed it tremendously but we are looking to retire soon. There is huge potential for this business to expand in new hands with new ideas. Living accommodations: 30' bunk style camper trailer with two slides is available with negotiations. We are just yards away from beach and restaurant. We pay a rental fee of $750 per year to the park for the land, plus around $450 for utilities. The taxes are only $350.00 per year. Insurance costs us around $450 as well.

Lac Pelletier Regional Park has awesome boating and fishing, lots of campsites, lots of seasonal camping, gorgeous 9 hole golf course with view of the lake, and is just building a new water treatment plant. Ice Fishing is popular in the wintertime and there are lots of year round cabins, as well as more lots ready for sale.


  • owned
  • approximately 640 ft² with 400 ft² of wood deck
  • built of wood, set on treated wood tiles
  • finished with metal siding and metal roof


  • office area
    • soft serve ice cream on one side
    • mini golf window on other
  • outdoor freezer under awning


  • sink with hot and cold water
  • ceiling fan
  • holding tank
  • small room air conditioner


  • soft serve ice cream machine
  • hot fudge server
  • small fridge
  • large freezer


  • mini golf is built of cement, 18 holes, well treed with pond system
  • many possibilities for adding things to this large property
  • park could use more facilities and fun things for kids or adults
  • our biggest asset is the location in the trees in the park
  • come up with something unique!
  • 30' bunk style camper trailer with two slides is NOT included with sale, but is negotiable, please call seller for additional information


  • $750 lease fee paid to the park
  • taxes are $350 per year

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