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The time frame in which a commercial bakery pan can be used effectively is relatively short. First, the pan is exposed to extreme heat (390°F) for the various baking processes, such as bread and other baked items. The presence of sugar is in all bakery items and through the baking process, sugar will eventually break down from a solid state to a carbon state on the surface of the pans. This carbon build-up makes the non-stick finish ineffective within a period of five weeks or less.

The Badger processing unit is a modern unit, which utilizes ultrasonics as a cleaning process. The coating process, utilizes GE Silicone SBC 200 bakeware coating and an infrared curing process. This is known as the very best technology available for the bakery recoating industry and it can process some 300 pan units per hour from pan entry to pan exit for shipping. This system is one of a kind and was specifically built for this unique service.

The Process:

  • Culling of Pans for Recoating
    • The pans are removed from service at this time and shipped to the service centre for cleaning and re-glazing. The pans are prepared for shipping on pallet boards (300 pans) and generally speaking, large bakeries will ship at least 1,500 pans every fifth weekly period for reconditioning.

  • Shipping Pans to the Plant
    • Upon arrival at the service centre the pans will enter a five stage reconditioning process. This process is very simple, yet will prove to be much quicker than our competition.

    • Stage I - Ultrasonic Process
      • The 'Ultrasonic System' encompasses stages I thru III in the reconditioning process cycle. In stage I, the pans are washed with a combination of cleaning agents and ultrasonics. A complete wash cycle takes approximately ten minutes.

    • Stage II
      • The pans are pre-rinsed with clean hot water.
    • Stage III
      • Pans are rinsed followed by an application of a sanitizer agent and dried. Pans are moved along a conveyor system to enter the following stage IV.

    • Stage IV - Coating Process
      • A 0.2ml application of food safe silicone is sprayed on the surface of the pans. This is the application of the non-stick surface or coating release agent. The pans are dried prior to moving to stage V.

    • Stage V - Infrared Process
      • In this stage, the pans enter the infra-red energy oven, which heat treats the silicone to adhere to the pan. This process takes a maximum of five minutes to produce the finished product.

  • Shipping Pans to Bakery
    • After cooling and inspection, the pans are wrapped in plastic and stacked on pallets for dispatch to the originating bakery.

Types of Pans:



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