How to make a real estate investment.
How to find a real estate investment.

To make a real estate investment you have to be in the right place at
the right time

Being a local agent for website might put you at the right place
at the right time. We have 1,000 listings on our site for real estate
investments, businesses for sale, acreages, farms and homes for sale. Check
out our website and you may want to buy an exclusive or preferred agency in
your area.

$8,700,000 hotel and real estate investment

67 guest rooms
300 seat banquet room with separate entrance (can be divided)
30 seat meeting room
88 seat restaurant
130 seat dining room
120 seat Rose and Thistle Pub
200 seat Aurora Sports Bar

What better real estate investment could you make than an opal mine?

We are selling our mine completely as a turn-key operation. We will
transfer mining equipment valued at $90,000 USD, opals and other inventory
valued at approximately $767,000 USD wholesale and $883,000 USD retail.  Our
store and land value in Spencer is $50,000 USD.  There is an estimated 40-50
years of mining reserves valued at $20-40 million USD.

Lots anywhere near water are often a good real estate investment.

Lots For Sale Starting at $15,000
Moyie River Ranch Resort
Whether it's relaxing in the warm BC sun, fishing, kayaking, gold panning, hiking, back country trail use, ATV or snowmobilling--we've got it here for you!
Treed Lots Starting at $15,000
Riverfront Lots Starting at $25,000

1,920 acres of real estate for investment purposes.

12 quarters of farmland, equipment and 4 bedroom home $700,000
Workshop, quonset (used for farm machinery storage), barn with some storage, grain bins.

Strip Mall - 11,000 ft² clean commercial real estate investment $600,000

Built in 1986 - 8 Rental Spaces: commercial retail / service.  5 individual offices. Leasing Terms: larger spaces, triple net leasing - smaller spaces, all-inclusive leasing - completely ground level access - wheelchair accessible throughout - common area washrooms - all larger leased areas have their own washrooms
and are equipped with electric heat/air conditioning units - on site tenant parking - close to banks and Post Office - high foot and vehicle traffic.

Business Opportunities and Homes For Sale
1,000 businesses, homes, cottages, farms, acreages and
other business opportunities.  Visit to view them all now!

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If you have any difficulty reaching the seller by phone or email, (undeliverable mail, phone number no longer in service, etc.)
please let us know as soon as possible and we will investigate for you. E-mail: or call 1-877-270-3092.

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If you are thinking of using to advertise your real estate investment opportunity, we can guarantee one thing...

...Your buyer is listening to our advertising on the radio or reading a newspaper with our advertising in it. 
Are you going to make it easy for them?

I am going to give you the list of references I dug out recently for a fellow who wanted to sell a gift shop here in Victoria. 

For reference:

  1. Maria Manna. We found a Toronto area buyer for Maria Manna Life Spa. Maria Manna’s Cellular is (phone number available upon request)  Maria actually had people fly in from Florida to view.

  2. We also sold a hair salon for a friend of hers, (Bella Hair Salon) Judy Burgess Phone = (phone number available upon request)

  3. You could also call Marion Clare. Her home (phone number available upon request)  
    Marion sold both of her local businesses thru us: (they were a tough sell and it took over 2 years)
    Wedding and Dreams (wedding planning business)
    Illusions and Themes (event business)

  4. The Pantry Restaurant on Douglas Street sold a couple of months ago off our site. The old owner’s name is Iain MacArthur (phone number available upon request)  Ian got a terrific deal.  He took advantage of our half price offer and paid everything upfront. The Pantry sale took about 16 months.5) Sue (phone # available upon request)  from Adrian’s Hair Designs just called me October 18th and said she was sending a cheque. Sue’s was a very small business but it sold to a fellow from Toronto. This sale took about 3 months.(6) Update November 1, 2005 - Alan Farness from Maple Leaf Gifts Victoria, BC listed with us week of October 26th  and had response from California, Toronto and Regina in week 1 (See email at bottom of page).  has paper advertising “DAILY” in every city
and most towns and villages across the US and Canada.  is an INTERNATIONAL Business to Business Internet Portal (the largest of its kind based in Canada).

1) JOB 1 - FINDING THE BUYER - You want to find a buyer/investor. Our advertising can do that for you. An interested buyer/investor looking to purchase a business should find our site thru the Internet or from the major papers we advertise in. WE REACH THE MARKET. 


Top of the Internet around the world.

Our Paper advertising reaches 60 Countries.

USA Today Worldwide Edition – "DAILY" advertising.
INCREDIBLE  REACH - over 2.2 million papers per day;  2.6 million on weekends

The following are the top 25 markets where USA Today is sold:

  • New York   131,394 USA Today sold daily

  • Los Angeles 82,212  USA Today sold daily

  • Chicago  71,403  USA Today sold daily

  • Philadelphia 68,221 USA Today sold daily

  • San Francisco - San Jose 51,511

  • Boston 58,646

  • Dallas - Fort Worth 44,996

  • Washington, D.C. 93,717 

  • Atlanta 70,847

  • Detroit  47,106

  • Houston 33,599

  • Seattle-Tacoma 33,839

  • Tampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota 30,564

  • Minneapolis-St. Paul  33,291

  • Cleveland 35,458

  • Phoenix 49,087

  • Miami-Ft. Lauderdale 37,163

  • Denver 30,599

  • Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto 17,513 

  • Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne 58,842

  • Pittsburgh 34,544  St. Louis 31,065

  • Portland (OR) 20,741

  • Baltimore 27,398

  • Indianapolis 29,129

  • Europe/Middle East 52,000 papers per day

  • Asia Pacific 11,000 papers per day

We currently advertise DAILY in
the big newspapers across Canada

Globe and Mail -  (Toronto and Nationwide)
Publishes Daily except Sunday.

Winnipeg Free Press  - (Manitoba’s Premier Daily also reaches North Western Ontario)
Publishes 7 days a week.

Calgary Herald -  (Premier Daily in Calgary and the Southern half of Alberta)
Publishes 7 days a week.

Edmonton Journal -  (Premier Daily in Edmonton, Northern Alberta and a large section of Northern Canada) Publishes 7 days a week.

Vancouver Sun -  (Premier Publication in British Columbia and Yukon).
Publishes Daily except Sunday.

This is the ad we run daily in the Vancouver Sun (with the logo)

1000 Businesses
Revenue Property - Motels 
Hotels - Golf Courses – Resorts
Service Stations - Mfg – Retail
Land - Investments - Listing fees
1 - 3% 1-800-606-0310 
View listings

Our visibility is growing all the time as we are constantly buying more media. The clients we dealt with 2 years ago are getting much more promotion now than when they signed on with us. We have consistently delivered more exposure in each of the past 7 years and we expect to continue that pattern over the next 7 years.

So far we have $180,000 in radio advertising in 2005. (30K of this is in US) 
Check out our radio spot WWW.PIN.CA/RADIO

  •  received 3.83 million hits in August 2005

  • 3.105 Million hits January 2005

  • 3.54 Million hits in March 2005

  • 3.20 Million hits in April of 2005

  • 40% from Canada

  • 40% from US

  • 20% from the rest of the world.

Most of what we deal with is businesses for sale and business opportunities/franchises, exposing projects which need funding.

2) PERCEIVED VALUE - The marketplace is not foolish. No matter how much advertising I do, the asking price and the words and pictures of your presentation on my site have to convey a value equal to your asking price. The prospective buyer views the pictures and reads the words. If they think the value is not there, you will get no response. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO PRICE YOUR OFFERING CORRECTLY.

We reach the marketplace. We have interested buyers looking on our website.

When you advertise with us one of 2 things will happen.

a) Your offering is of interest to the marketplace at the price you are asking and the marketplace responds.


b) The marketplace may look at your offering and decide they are not interested in contacting you as they don't perceive value at the price you are asking.

3) NEGOTIATING - We are not real estate agents and we do not negotiate for you. Our job should you choose to engage us will be to advertise your opportunity to the marketplace which we do very well. If you should need help with presenting your business or explaining the value of your business, I suggest having your accountant or lawyer work with you on this aspect. FINDING A BUYER IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF SELLING but you must also have a plan for dealing with the buyer.

We extend credit to you and allow you to pay us the advertising fee from proceeds of sale. All we require is that we can ensure payment as we spend hundreds of thousands in advertising each year and have to be able to recoup those expenditures. Our advertising fee is set at the start and is not dependent upon any particular sale/price being achieved. 

We have been at this for 7 years. Our growth rate increases each year. We work on a “gather and funnel” principle. We attract/gather the opportunity seeker as they look thru the USA Today, Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, Winnipeg Free Press, Business in Vancouver, Western Investor Etc. We attract/gather the opportunity seeker as they find us thru the papers, television or the search engines. Once they find us we funnel them into our listings on the Pin Website. 

If you go to Google the biggest search engine in the world and type in almost anything we come up.

You will find we are at or very near the top on hundreds if not thousands of searches on Google and other search engine searches. Once someone finds our website they generally return as we have earned their respect and have real opportunities available for every size and taste.

We reach the marketplace better than any other way I know. 
Here is an email we received on Friday July 9, 2005

From: Marion Illusions & Themes
Sent: Friday, July 08, 2005 1:18 PM
To: Eric Jordan
Subject: Cheering!

Hi Eric
Just to let you know that we have sold Illusions & Themes, completing today.  Local company Commonwealth Special Events has done a takeover. Took a long while but we got there in the end. 
You probably heard the cheering! 
Thank you so much for all your help and your excellent site.  We will certainly recommend you to anyone who needs your services.
All the best for your future endeavours. 


Marion Clare
V.President / Event Designer
Member: CSES - Canadian Special Events Society
Member: ISES - International Special Events Society
Fellow: Institute of Professional Designers


From: Alan Furness
Sent: Tuesday, November 01, 2005 9:47 AM
To: Eric Jordan
Subject: RE: Comment

Good morning Eric,
Three enquiries so far
Regina, California and Toronto
I have sent them each a fact sheet
I will keep you posted.

Alan Furness
Maple Leaf Gift Stores


From: Dale Edwards
Sent: Monday, October 31, 2005 5:11 PM
Subject: Earl Grey Hotel Sold!!

Hi Guys:
Just wanted you to know that I have purchased the Earl Grey Hotel and it is now off the market.  I found it through your site and just wanted to say thank you.

Dale A Edwards