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Agricultural Feed, Food and Commodity Handling Opportunity
Central Manitoba, Canada

PHASE 1 - Development Opportunities

The property is approximately 18.31 acres.  It is located along the CPR Main Northern rail line at the junction of highways 16 and 50, both of which are all-weather roads not subject to spring load restrictions.

In 2017 it was subdivided into parcel #1 of 14.31 acres and parcel #2 of 3.5 acres. Parcel #1 is the western portion which includes the bins and plant equipment as well as the 1,700' rail siding (owned, not a railroad lease.) Parcel #2 is nearest the junction of the two highways.  It can now be developed independently as a service business including fuel service station, convenience store, truck parking, restaurant etc..

The rail siding is currently rented out for the storage of rail cars that are subject to seasonal use.  Expansion opportunities abound for this use.  As well, bulk handling and trans loading ventures are in early negotiations.  These are surfacing as fuel costs begin to climb making rail shipments more cost effective than long haul trucking.  Phases 2 and 3 can be accommodated on the the site without interfering with expansion in Phase 1.


AGS Sales Ltd.

tel: (204) 385-2012
cell: (204) 856-3396

email: advgrain@mymts.net

PHASE 2 - Food Flaxseed

We plan to build a food grade plant at parcel #1 above.  We will use a special process as well as unique blends to produce a specialty flax based health food line.  The product will be packaged into daily dose sized packets of Omega-3 which will then be further packaged into retail boxes holding one month's supply of packets.  Packets can be conveniently carried in a purse or briefcase by today's busy, health-conscious consumer for use anywhere, as needed without mess or hassle.  This presentation allows us to convert the lowest volume of raw product into the highest possible dollar return.  While new in the North American market, the product and presentation are enjoying excellent success in Europe.

We plan to sell our products directly to upscale, health minded consumers anywhere by means of social media target marketing.  Not only does this generate maximum margins, but most normal costs associated with a retail product are not incurred.  No need to buy our way onto store shelves. No need to discount away most of the margin for multiple players in the distribution chain. No need to carry huge inventories with limited shelf life while waiting for orders to materialize.  No accounts receivable since payment arrives before goods leave.

Contact us for a complete business plan outlining the exciting financial performance of the flaxseed venture.

PHASE 3 – Feed Flaxseed

The same process and similar blends of ingredients with flaxseed produce exciting benefits when fed to animals. We have identified several very substantial market opportunities in this area. A second plant is planned on the same site utilizing a common warehouse with Phase 2. This phase will also utilize existing bins and handling equipment already on site.

CAPITAL REQUIREMENTS - Phases 1, 2 and 3

$2,100,000 USD
$2,700,000 USD
$4,800,000 USD

 – Existing Property and Assets
 – Plant Phases 2, 3 and Operating
 – Total required

Future investment opportunities at this location abound and include:

  • The installation of more rail siding to accommodate more rental cars.
  • The development of Parcel 2 into a full-service business for traffic along both highways.
  • Additional adjoining land is available.
  • Installation of rail siding dedicated to trans loading of bulk commodities.
  • Installation of infrastructure required to handle bulk commodities.


AGS Sales Ltd.
Gladstone Manitoba

tel: (204) 385-2012
cell: (204) 856-3396

email: advgrain@mymts.net

Thank you for your interest!


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