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Rig Assisted Continuous
Rod Units and Fusion Welder
Lloydminster, Alberta


Note that even in the current global economic slow-down J & C James Bros. Ent. Ltd. is still busy and still signing new contracts.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

J & C James Bros. Ent. Ltd. is a very successful oilfield company. We command a high rate per hour with only one employee per unit. This, combined with the tremendous amount of continuous rod that is being put into the wells, has made our company very successful. There are not enough of these types of units in the oilfield which gives the owner of the company a great amount of work plus the ability to expand both here and into many other areas.

J & C James Bros. is set up in two perfect buildings. Both buildings have cranes and are heated. The rent is very low and there is plenty of room for everything we do.

J & C is currently (2011) building a flush-by unit with the x-cellerator in the derrick. The ability of the unit to go ahead of the rigs to flush and pull them will be an incredible asset. Every oil company will want this unit to work for them.

Present owner will stay on and work for the new owner for a period of time so the business can continue to grow without interruption.

An appraisal is available to serious interested parties.

Equipment has been appraised at over 1.8 million dollars.

Please contact the seller for more information.
The potential of this business
is incredible and has only been touched on.

Jason James
(780) 214-0795
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The town of Lloydminster has all amenities.


  • TMX – Truck mounted X-Celerator
  • Unit 1001
    • 1994 Freightliner flat deck
    • comes with Helia 3 ton picker
    • X-Celerator - 150
    • guide and panel
  • Unit 1002
    • 2006 Freightliner flat deck
    • comes with Fassi 110 picker
    • X-Celerator - 150
    • guide and panel
  • Unit 1003
    • 2007 Freightliner flat deck
    • comes with Fassi 170 picker
    • X-Celerator - 300
    • guide and panel
  • Unit 1004
    • 2007 Kenworth T-300 flat deck
    • comes with Fassi 170 picker
    • X-Celerator - 300
    • guide and panel

All units are complete and ready to go. New chains to push and pull continuous rod.
BOP’s and rod strippers included.

  • Unit 200
    • 24’ flat deck trailer, gooseneck
    • comes with maxilift 260 picker
    • upgraded axels to heavy duty and 10 ply tires
  • Unit 300
    • 24’ flat deck trailer, gooseneck
    • comes with maxilift 027 picker
    • upgraded axels to heavy duty and 10 ply tires
  • Welder 1
    • continuous rod welding unit (Fire Blade)
    • comes with fire blade
    • air compressor
    • chop saws
    • grinders
    • torches
    • all other related equipment
  • Welder 2
    • stick welder; Miller Wildcat

New Parts and Equipment

  • between 50-100 pins for welding rod strings
  • approximately 50 shears for selling to oilfield companies @ 95% profit
  • spare chains for X-Celerator
  • spare guide for X-Celerator
  • spare equipment for all aspects of the business
  • 20 spools for holding continuous rod

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