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Business Valuation By Eric Jordan CPPA wins in Superior Trial Court while defeating a well known Chartered Business Valuator. (CBV) - Email for legal proof of the client win, certification, and methodology.

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Providing you with the best possible opinion of business value available in the world today is my career goal. I developed a proprietary and copyrighted system of “25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation”. Successful professionals, educated business people and ordinary citizens believe in my system. For that I am truly grateful. I am a simple person humbled for the opportunity to serve you.

Business Valuation Fees can be $1,500 to $15,000 - Average fee $3,500 range.
Call for exact pricing for your situation.

Measuring Intangibles


  • The PIN.CA Business For Sale platform was started in 1998 as an Internet Showroom for Business Owners to display their businesses for sale. (22 years)
  • Over the past two decades much has changed but PIN.CA is still connecting Sellers and Buyers from around the world, although most of our Business for Sale owners are from Canada. What has changed the most is that the business opportunities in 2021 and going forward are made up of 80 to 90% intangible assets, as you will see below in the Business Valuation data and graphs.
  • Describing the business intangibles properly on PIN.CA is now our focus for our Business for Sale marketplace. We want to differentiate ourselves from the “smoke and mirror” sales folks trying to flog businesses using what they call “comparable sales data” that we believe is as reliable as the likes on Facebook or honesty in government.
  • We believe in you and we will finance in house the largest part of your advertising fees. The more intangible the asset you are dealing with the more we want to help you to value and market that Asset.
  • Listings we do from this point going forward will look much like Al’s Place and will include a YouTube Video that ranks high and can be found easily.

We produced an NFT (Non Fungible Token) as an example of what can be done for a business. Visit our NFT We know there will be only a select few qualified buyers.
We want you to imagine a Non Fungible Token (NFT) that we could create for you featuring perhaps a $500 dress you designed with unique specifications in a limited edition of perhaps 100.
The client buying the NFT would have the proof of ownership on the blockchain (bragging rights) and the dress. A very good promotional and fashion statement. Could be done for many product.

In March 2021 I did a valuation for a high level public sector psychologist and his wife who had also built a multi million dollar business. They hired me because they felt my system of 25 Factors could more accurately value the business than the other systems that used formulas and comparable sales.

Recent valuations include a $15M Valuation for a Toronto app development company expected to go on the TSX in the next few months.

Some companies have negative value:

I did a valuation for 361,000 shares in a medical research development company. The shares were valued at zero to negative value. This is what my client wrote. Date: Fri, Oct 2, 2020 at 9:05 AM

“Eric, You are the best, I highly appreciate it. Truly cherished your work since it gave me a boost of confidence. To confirm it independently, I did contact one of the renowned lawyers from Toronto and assessed my situation. He strongly suggested that he believes that the shares are worth zero as you have evaluated. He is a well known lawyer and ethical, this serves as a confirmation that your work is exceptional. I will post my review on how satisfied I was with your work once my crazy schedule allows me to do so, you already know that I am always late. So, you were spot on with your evaluation which brings high credibility to your work, you should be proud of it”.

Accounting is past information and good for taxation issues but not necessarily relevant for future Valuation. This is where my “25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation” take front and centre stage.

(778) 350-7088 Let me know how can I help you.

Business Valuation By Eric Jordan CPPA wins in Superior Trial Court while defeating a well known Chartered Business Valuator. (CBV) - Email for legal proof of the client win, certification, and methodology.

Video explaining my approach to Business Valuation is available on Youtube.


This is the key Point: If someone is presenting or proposing a valuation without taking these factors into consideration the valuation number is likely to be misleading and almost certainly not accurate for a small business.

  • Financials
  • Return on Investment
  • How has R&D been accounted for?
  • Shareholder Agreement (if one exists)
  • Value of Employees (cost of recruitment and training as a group)
  • Client Base and cost to rebuild
  • Value of Supply Chain
  • Value of Distribution Network if one exists
  • Internet Presence and Use (social network)
  • Dominance if any in the marketplace
  • Knowledge Base of Owner and Employees
  • Processes and Procedures Documentation (How well are all aspects of the company documented?)
  • Lease Terms
  • Leasehold Improvements
  • Equipment
  • Inventory
  • Risk
  • Currency Fluctuations and Geopolitical Considerations
  • Opportunity
  • Liquidity
  • Leverage - Cost of money. Is leverage applicable and if so at what risk?
  • Minority Interest (if applicable)
  • Special Interest Purchaser (Partners are also special interest purchasers as they have more knowledge, interest, and opportunity, with less risk than regular buyers.)
  • How well is the business/practice expected to function with changes in management? (if applicable)


I discuss with clients, in depth, the relevant 25 Factors to find what weight should be given to each factor. As we go through these 25 Factors, other sub factors almost always come up. Examples might be “scarcity” or “timing”. This is where business experience enters into the process. In my experience I have found hundreds of “sub factors”. Most of the people doing these comparable valuations have little understanding of such intangibles. You can’t teach business experience and wisdom in any school and graduates generally compound their miscalculation. One can be 100% sure that the example “sub factor” intangible considerations are not found within “comparable sale price” data.

25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation system generally does not consider comparable business sale price data as a legitimate factor in determining value.

Comparable Sales prices are legitimate factors when one is valuing TANGIBLE ASSETS such as farm machinery, construction equipment, restaurant equipment, and residential housing in areas where there are many recent sales to use for price comparison. But comparable sale prices for business valuations should not be relied upon in my professional opinion.

The largest portion of business value in 2021 is INTANGIBLE ASSETS

Comparable Sale Price adequacy in 1975 might have been acceptable, but certainly not in 2021.

  • Intangible assets in 1975 = 17%
  • Intangible assets in 1985 = 32%
  • Intangible assets in 1995 = 68%
  • Intangible assets in 2005 = 80%
  • Intangible assets in 2015 = 84%
  • Intangible assets in 2020 = 90%

Ocean Tomo an intellectual property merchant bank states that:
"Intangible assets are now responsible for 90% of all business value."

Ocean Tomo is an intellectual property merchant bank that provides financial products and services, including expert testimony, valuation research, ratings, investments, risk management, and transactions. They are headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA. They also have offices in Greenwich, San Francisco, and Houston.

This link from the World Economic Forum suggests that 87% of business value is intangible assets: Click Here

Now we know for certain that for the vast majority of businesses, 80% to 90% of their assets are intangible.

We also know that the vast majority of Business Valuation Firms are relying heavily on “Comparable Business Sale Prices” that may have inadequate information to prove the comparable business is actually comparable. A broken clock is right twice a day, but how could a Business Valuation using incomplete information on 80% to 90% of business value be taken seriously.

And let us not forget the hundreds of possible “sub factors”.


I am not suggesting business sale price data is incorrect. My concern is the lack of intangible asset depth in the data collected, and the way valuators use business sale price data without knowing if the intangible asset components are truly comparable.

(778) 350-7088 Let me know how can I help you.


25 Factors System

Comparable Sale Price Data

Intangible Assets
Always taken into consideration

Intangible Asset Information (Generally lacking depth)
Often never mentioned.

Always taken into consideration

(Generally lacking depth)

Always taken into consideration in a 25 Factors Valuation

Purpose (Generally lacking depth)
Inadequate information on the purpose or reason for the sale. Did someone die and the sale was forced. Was it a sale within a family and the sale price recorded was for tax purposes more than anything else?

Research and Development
Always taken into consideration

Research and Development (Generally lacking depth)
Little or no information on research and development within the company.

Proprietary Processes, Procedures and Systems
Always considered

Proprietary Processes, Procedures and Systems (Generally lacking depth)
Little or no adequate information on proprietary processes, procedures, and systems.

Shareholder Agreement
We always check.

Shareholder Agreement (Generally lacking depth)
Shareholder agreement is seldom included in Past sale data

Always considered

Workforce (Generally lacking depth)
Little or information on the worker base or the cost to rebuild the workforce.

Always considered

Clientbase (Generally lacking depth)
Often Little or no information on the client base or cost to rebuild the client base.

Supply Chain
Always considered

Supply Chain (Generally lacking depth)
Often Little to no information in the cost to find or replace.

Distribution Channels
Always considered

Distribution Channels (Generally lacking depth)
Often Inadequate information on any distribution channels that may exist.

Internet footprint And Social Network
Always considered

Internet footprint And Social Network (Generally lacking depth)
Often inadequate information on the internet footprint and social network and how it is being used within the company and what are the future plans.

Always considered

Dominance (Generally lacking depth)
Often Inadequate if any information on dominance in the marketplace.

Knowledge base of both the owner and employees
Always considered

Knowledge base of both the owner and employees (Generally lacking depth)
Often Inadequate information on employee and owner knowledge base.

Industry averages
When relevant

Industry averages (Generally lacking depth)
Often Industry average information if given may not be relevant.

Terms of lease
Always considered

Terms of lease (Generally lacking depth)
Often terms of lease are omitted.

Tools, equipment, and inventory
Always reviewed

Tools, equipment, and inventory (Generally lacking depth)
Often Inadequate information on tools, equipment, and inventory.

Leasehold improvements
Always considered

Leasehold improvements (Generally lacking depth)
Often Inadequate information on leasehold improvements.

Considered when relevant

Liquidation (Generally lacking depth)
Often Inadequate information on cost of liquidation if it would be necessary.

Risk and Opportunity
Always considered

Risk and Opportunity (Generally lacking depth)
Often iinadequate information on risk and opportunity.

Considered when relevant

Leverage (Generally lacking depth)
I have never information on leverage in business sale data

Minority Interest
Always considered

Minority Interest (Generally lacking depth)
Often little if any information on minority interest.

Special Interest Purchasers
Always considered

Special Interest Purchasers (Generally lacking depth)
Often no information on special interest purchasers.

Redundancy in management
Always considered

Redundancy in management (Generally lacking depth)
Redundancy in management information is almost always missing?

Sale terms
Always considered

Sale terms (Generally lacking depth)
Full terms of sale information are seldom released.

Return on Investment
Always considered

Return on Investment (Generally lacking depth)
Information on Return on Investment calculations are often missing

Geopolitical Considerations
Always considered

Geopolitical Considerations (Generally lacking depth)
Often little or no information on geopolitical considerations.

WHY do the big multinational accounting firms and their followers like to use business sale price data in their valuations for private companies?

Because it is easy money.
Valuation firms buy the “comparable business sale price data”
They have accounting people apply math formulas to the sale data they purchase and VOILA.
This is how many business valuation prices are derived.

One might suggest courts and clients have been badly mislead since 2005 when the UNDER MEASURED Intangible Asset portion of business value reached 80%

Comparable Sale Price adequacy in 1975 might have been acceptable, but certainly not in 2021.

  • Intangible assets in 1975 = 17%
  • Intangible assets in 1985 = 32%
  • Intangible assets in 1995 = 68%
  • Intangible assets in 2005 = 80%
  • Intangible assets in 2015 = 84%
  • Intangible assets in 2020 = 90%

The big multinational accounting firms and those following them who believe in using comparable business sale data in Private Company Business Valuation have lost their moral authority.

SEC fines KPMG $50 million for cheating, calls misconduct "astonishing" JUNE 17, 2019 / 3:54 PM /MONEYWATCH

  • Does anyone remember Arthur Anderson and Enron?
  • 2020 Ernst and Young and Wirecard? The German government is not amused. DO AN INTERNET SEARCH.

I have never heard of Venture Capitalists using comparable business sale data in their valuations.
Every business they deal with is unique.
Simple as that.
Accurate comparable sale price for them does not exist.

(778) 350-7088 Let me know how can I help you.


Public company to public company business sale price comparable data MIGHT be acceptable for some purposes.
BUT not for small business valuation purposes. How do we know the amount of perception, emotion, media promotion, and possible manipulation by powerful people and elites that has been calculated into the public company price?
In my professional opinion using public company sale price data for small businesses or private companies valuation is not logical, reasonable, or practical if one is interested in accuracy.
I seldom get involved with public company valuation.

Experts suggest Public Company sales compared to private company sales have major flaws such as: market liquidity, profit measurement, capital structure, risk profile, differences in operations and operational control.

Going forward, who believes pre covid comparable business sale information would be applicable for post covid valuations?
Be very concerned if your valuator uses “Comparable Business Sales” from any time period.

A Valuation Report using these nonsense comparables and math formulas can give the reader a warm feeling, but so can wetting your pants, and with a lot less harm.

CPPA stands for Canadian Personal Property Appraiser. This group was formed by a group of mostly AUCTIONEERS back in 1995 so that they could have a formal and documented format to use that followed the Universal Standards of Professional Appraisal Practices that could be accepted in court. Experience was the key factor.

Nobody would or should go to an auctioneer for tax advice.

Most business people however, would strongly agree that auctioneers know a lot more about real time, on the ground, asset value, than accountants. I personally held an auction license in the early 1980’s

One can go to and in the Document Text search field enter "Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group" When you hit the search button you should find at least 8 cases you can review.

COURT OF QUEEN'S BENCH OF ALBERTA(Superior Court in Alberta)



Need a Bulletproof Business Valuation?

"I greatly appreciate the work Eric did on the Valuation of my company. It stood up in court. (April 2017) The Judge soundly admonished the Chartered Business Valuator who tried to contradict Eric's valuation. If someone needs confirmation and wants to speak to me, Eric has permission to release my number." (Antoine)

Second Opinion on a Questionable Valuation?

"We find that most small business valuators concentrate on Asset, Market, and Income approaches developed in the 1970's. These are generally easy to defeat in 2019 as most businesses are now made up of 75% or more in "intangible assets" these valuators neglect, or have no means, to properly measure.


North America (778) 350-7088

I’m the guy that bought $10,000 of Bitcoin in 2013.
Then promptly sold them for $12,000
I listened to the so called experts instead of trusting my own system
“25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation”
Trust the System

I am Eric Jordan

The 25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation was the tool I used in discovering BLOCKCHAIN the valuable component in BITCOIN

That same 25 Factors system can be used today to predict which BLOCKCHAIN platforms and tokens will have value in the future and why.

We produced an NFT (Non Fungible Token) as an example of what can be done for a business. Visit our NFT
We know that few will be qualified buyers. We want a maximum of 100 across the world.

We can Tokenize any physical products. Some services can also be Tokenized and promoted. “Properly Tokenized” and “Properly Promoted” is the key.

Fees can be a very modest $2,000 to bring you into the modern world.

1. For that You will receive something Tokenized and on a Platform from where it can be purchased.
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3. It is generally advisable to have a small budget of $50 to $175 per month for promotion.
4.This Tokenized opportunity will also be promoted on the for sale platform until you ask us to remove it.

NFT or Non Fungible Tokens are new and could be as important to your business as getting your website into place. Call for details.

You can buy the example NFT from me. This will entitle you to training provided you have business experience and can find clients. The clients pay us the regular fees then we take the extra time (usually double or more, to train you on these clients) If you can’t find clients willing to pay, or are unable to figure out on your own how to buy an NFT; then you are not the one.

The “25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation” are simple down to earth logic. Being able to find and measure the underlying subfactors is the “not so simple” part. TRAINING IS NECESSARY.


CPPA - Detailed Experience
My name is Eric Jordan. I am a CPPA which means Canadian Personal Property Appraiser. There are over 700 CPPA's across Canada. I specialize in Business Valuations. The Canadian Personal Property Appraisal Group provides members a proper legal structure with which to do valuations. They do not give instruction on anything other than how to use the forms and templates they provide to make a legal appraisal or valuation report. I am providing the following information on my experience because experience is the key ingredient in my credentials and my experience is extensive, relevant and when combined with my proprietary system I describe in the book "25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation" allows me to deliver what many believe to be the most accurate small Business Valuation available in Canada today.

I was born in 1952 in Southwestern Manitoba. Like many other boys that were born on a farm / ranch I was a member of the local 4H beef club. The Canadian 4-H motto is "Learn To Do By Doing". It was at the age of 12 to 15 that I received my first training in valuing or judging. My 4-H group provided a lot of training in judging cattle. Like business valuation the process involved many factors. I enjoyed this and did well at the judging competitions.
I got started in the construction industry at 16 learning about steel stud framing, drywall, drywall taping, acoustical tile, and other types of ceilings. I took training as an apprentice and at 19 years-old I was a sub trade foreman at the construction of J H Bruns Collegiate in Winnipeg Manitoba.

I soon started my own business doing textured ceilings. I learned a lot of important lessons while running this business. The most important was learning to listen. I did specialized work. I would texture the ceilings in houses that were occupied as I had perfected a way to do this while protecting all the furniture and accessories in an effective and efficient manner. I would book work over the phone and set up a route that could take me from Manitoba to Alberta and back. One did not want to arrive at a house and find the work was impossible to do or that the owner was not likely to pay on completion. I was successful in that business. The key was to listen, listen, and listen. Asking the right questions and then listening carefully was critical to finding the correct information. Hearing the nuances became easy after a while. This is a very useful tool I use to this day while seeking information in the valuation process.

It was at about this time I got involved with the advertising business. I did advertising placemats across South Western Manitoba and Saskatchewan. If any of you are old enough and frequented Buddy's Steak Ranch on Albert Street in Regina, SK or Aunt Sarah's Restaurant in Brandon MB. you may remember my placemats with a character called "Prairie Tom" in the middle surrounded by squares of advertising.
I don't believe my creation died when I quit doing the placemats. A short time after that "Coffee News" publication started in Winnipeg, Manitoba and the character they use to this day looks amazingly similar to "Prairie Tom". I believe I at least partially inspired the creation of that very successful publication and I am very happy for that. The placemat advertising business put me into hundreds if not thousands of small businesses where I got to deal with the owners. Great experience for my future valuation career as my eyes were beginning to open as to what really happened in a small business. .

AUCTION BUSINESS - Learning to See
In about the same time period I had a mentor Charlie Salfries who was sure that I should be in the auction business. I ended up doing about six auction sales in 1980 and held an auction license in Brandon Manitoba. This was a real learning experience for understanding value and being able to see and feel how live events work. Nobody understands value better than auctioneers. When the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group started in 1995 most of the first members were auctioneers from across Canada.

ONE ON ONE - With Hundreds of Small Business Owners.
The next business I got involved with was the movie business where I owned several rental stores and operated a movie broker business. In those days movies were a sideline to almost any kind of small business. I walked into thousands of small businesses and introduced myself. Hundreds ended up dealing with me. During this two to four hour process of dealing with the client on these video tapes, I really started to learn about what happened in a small business. Not all of the money went into the till. These business owners were happy to have someone to confide in. They would tell me amazing ways they saved on paying tax and all sorts of quirks about their particular business and industry. My experience extended to the US, as I purchased movies from small businesses then leased and sold these movies back into Canada. From this experience I could now understand what really happens on the ground in a small business as compared to what shows in the financials. This was invaluable one on one experiences with hundreds of different business owners across all sorts of industries. One can never learn these things in academia and I have a real edge on those who don't have this type of experience, most especially those situations where bookkeeping is suspect or non existent.

Some video clients would tell me that they were selling so I should not leave movies with them as their business would be sold and gone by the time I was back in three months. My experience at that time suggested otherwise and I would ask them to just call me if they sold and leave the movies with a neighbouring business in the town. Two years later the business would often close down "unsold" and there would be an empty building for sale.
This is where I got the idea to set up an Internet showroom or catalogue of businesses for sale on the Internet. I was correct and the website has been successful helping business owners to find buyers for the past twenty years.

Working with hundreds of small businesses, advertising to the market place I got to understand about valuation. I had a client who was a Chartered Accountant who helped me to understand from the accounting industry viewpoint, how they look at valuing a business. I knew however that that was not the whole story. At about the same time I had a client who was a Resume Broker. He had a formula for getting inside his clients head and finding out what intellectual property they retained in their brain. He would write that into a resume and these people would easily find a job. I knew that same thing would work with a small business. A friend of mine Reid Nunn had spent a long time in the insurance industry and he taught me a lot about risk. Between those three things I was able to start to put the pieces together for doing an accurate business valuation and that was the beginning of the 25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation.

By 2013 I had my valuation process fairly well in place and had spent thousands of hours researching intangible assets which I felt were the most valuable part of a small business. I was doing business valuations and I decided to test my process on the toughest intangible asset in the world "Bitcoin"
I purchased 78 Bitcoins and proceeded to test.
My process led me to believe the key element in Bitcoin was the "blockchain" and for the reason of the blockchain, I deemed that Bitcoin would have value in the future. I predicted $500 Bitcoin, $1,000 Bitcoin and the real possibility of much higher. I think everyone can agree my analysis was correct and Blockchain has proven valuable.
In 2021 I applied my 25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation to the Cardano Crypto Token It was at $1.68 US so I followed my 25 Factors Analysis. There are fundamentals that my 25 Factors found which pointed toward a Five Dollar Cardano by year end. I bought just a few and will likely buy more. NFT’s are going to be the next big play for businesses. Those businesses that may not have so much value today could harness NFT’s and become very profitable. I produced my first NFT in May of 2021 with a $10,000 price tag on the Token. We are ready and willing to serve our clients building Non Fungible Tokens for them and increasing value. Few Valuators understand intangibles and would know enough about Non Fungible Tokens to know if a business has NFT value potential or not. We believe we would be able to recognize that potential value and measure it.

CPPA CERTIFICATION (National Accreditation)
This brings us to 2015. I had a formula and a lot of experience but I lacked the legal structure to present a business valuation to a court. That is when I reached out to the Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group in London, Ontario. I got certified through them and became a CPPA. Now I had a proper legal structure for doing my business valuations. Canadian Personal Property Appraisers Group teaches you the legal structure you must use to produce a valid Valuation. The CPPA certificate for me now is really a moot point as my experience and the legal structure I use stand on their own.

In 2017 I wrote the book "25 Factors Affecting Business Valuation" which gives a good overview of my proprietary process. It doesn't teach you how to do a business valuation but it does let you know what must be measured.

Send an email to and I will be happy to send you a free PDF of my book.

For those people who need Income Valuations done, I offer my experience dealing with thousands of small business owners across Canada. Hundreds of these were close business relationships forged over time. This combined with my credentials should put me at the top of any list for an INCOME VALUATION.

Experience is the key factor. I have done hundreds of business valuations and my valuations have been accepted by CRA and Court of Queen's Bench. Numerous divorce proceedings across Canada have been concluded using my valuations, and filed with the courts. (including Quebec)

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Government values and supports business. Numerous departments and agencies have been instrumental in the development of this guide. The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat Business Case Guide is a direct result of the dedication, contribution, and commitment of individuals who support improved investment success rates within the Government of Canada. The purpose of this document is to support the development of a strong business case that links investments with program results and, ultimately, with the strategic outcomes of the organization. The primary audience for this reference tool are GC program managers seeking approval for an activity, initiative, or project. The guide is meant to be used throughout the entire life cycle of the investment, including the approval stage, to ensure meaningful dialogue between managers and the approval or funding authority from the earliest possible time. Furthermore, this document is intended to help clarify the purpose and structure of business cases across the Government of Canada Within a GC context, a project is considered a set of time-bound activities that changes the capability of a program to deliver outcomes and benefits. Throughout this document, the use of the word "project" is understood to mean all activities required to deliver the new capability, including change management, organizational change, legislative change, process change, training, communications activities, and so forth. This guide could therefore be used as a reference tool for a project, initiative, investment, recommendation, or other business event that would not commonly be considered a "project" in the federal public service. Regardless of the complexity and risk of the proposed investment, and whether or not Treasury Board project approval is being sought, this document should be used to guide the development of the investment's business case. To develop the content for a business case, the organization will also have to consider, among others, aspects of project management, outcome management, risk management, capacity management, and investment management. Such considerations are necessary inputs for a successful business case.
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